Dear Kobe,


As I write you this letter, I can’t help but to have tears in my eyes. I know you won’t ever understand theses words, but I hope that others can understand the love we have for you. Five months ago God blessed your daddy and I with you and we thank him every day. You were found on a cold Saturday night and it was then you became ours. We didn’t know anything from your past but knew you were our future. You weren’t the best puppy when we rescued you but it’s okay–we forgive you. We knew you were scared and to be honest, we were too. After rescuing you, we took a plead to provide the best for you and give you so much love. I hope we are doing a good job. No one can understand the love and protection you give us. We gained a best friend that loves to give us licks, barks and waits for us to get home. We couldn’t have asked for anything else! These last few months have been difficult, too. Your knee surgery was not only painful for you but stressful for us. I used to cry because I knew you were in a lot of pain and I couldn’t take it away. I’m glad we were able to get past that and now you can’t wait to run again. Just promise to be careful Kobe, mommy can’t afford any other surgery. We love you and promise to always take care of you and provide you with lots of love. Thank you for being our best friend!


Mommy and Daddy

Breed: Silky Terrier


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