Dear Indy,


I just want to tell you that you are such a good boy and you have made our little family complete.

I know I give out about how you learned to open the fridge and eat our chocolate cake, but secretly I’m very proud of you that you can do that… even if it means having to put a baby lock on the fridge to keep you out of it.

You are the most majestic and beautiful dog I have ever seen. You have sat by my side while I cried, a comfort when I didn’t know what was wrong, you were there for me when I couldn’t explain to people how I was feeling…

Your playful puppy nature that has not left you in your 5 years on this planet is so refreshing. You remind me to have fun.

You have been our playmate, our therapist and our friend. You have lazed with us on the couch, you have protected us from the world. You have filled our lives with love. You give your love without question, reason or motive. You are happy to be with us. Many people could learn a thing or two from you.

You eat everything – from carrots, to popcorn, table legs to Mr. Potato Heads. You shed hair everywhere. You chew my socks and have destroyed scarves, headphones, leather gloves and on one memorable occasion you stole my sandwich from my plate.

You chase cats, birds, sparks from the fire, bubbles and tennis balls.

You chase away the worries of the day. The blue moods that take us from time to time. You are our best friend and we love you so very very much.


Mum & Dad

Breed: English Sheep Dog, Terrier Cross


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