Dear Drewie,


The second anniversary of your passing is approaching and although it has been nearly two years, the pain and loss I feel is still so very fresh.

Daddy and I still think of you and speak of you almost daily. Please know that no one will ever take your place.

Thank you Drewie for teaching Daddy and I how to communicate our differences by using kind words and a soft voice. Thank you for always loving us and for understanding so well how much we love you. Thank you for showing us exactly what dignity is and for setting an example for each human you met.

Even after two years, we still take a slice of bacon out to your grave each time we make it.

Our hearts still ache for you.

Breed: Long Haired Dapple Dachshund


  1. Apryl Lightcap says:

    ‘drewbie, you are always alive and happy in our hearts. Thank you for giving me that wonderful moment t0 which I go back often – the first time you were held by your Mommy. Getting to witness love at first sight is special. Love from Auntie Arp who really misses you <3

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