Dear Conan,


You came to us by chance when my heart was broken from the tragic loss of our first Ridgeback. I wasn’t sure if I could love another so soon but your previous owner wanted to find you a good home and my husband wanted you so badly I couldn’t say no. But I fell in love with you, Conan, and you healed me and brought me happiness without even trying. You are always so excited when I get home–like I have been gone for days, not hours. I love our snuggle pups and the groans you make when I rub your ears. The twist of your ears when the word “walkies” or “in the car” is said makes me smile every time. I see the grey on your chin and the grey streaks starting to appear under your eyes and it makes me sad because you are getting older.. but today on the beach you run like a puppy and these are the days I cherish..

Love always your mum xx

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback


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