Dear BooBoo,

I wish I could tell you I’m not coming back with the rest of the horseback riders. I know Dakota our horse came back without me. I wish I could tell you it will be okay, they are taking good care of me at the hospital. I wish I could tell you I’m not in the truck when Dad came to pick up all our camping stuff. I wish I could tell you I love you so much and missed you everyday I was away. Dad even let me talk to you on the phone but I’m not sure that was a good idea because you went all over the house looking for me. When I got home I tried to explain it to you but we were both so happy, you wouldn’t let me out of your sight.

I wish I could tell you how sorry I am that you had to go through another 9 days with your Mom back in the hospital. I tried to get you play dates with your sister Yogi and friends Buddy and Kloie but it just isn’t the same. I prayed you would finally eat and I prayed I would get out so you could see I’m okay.

When I finally got home yesterday all you could do was howl in happiness and it was like we were both crying of happiness. I wish you could understand how sorry I was that you had to go through this and know how much I missed you.

I love you so much,
Your mom.

Breed: Black lab


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