Dear Bode,


You are the best dog! Even though you are a combination of Marley from Marley and Me and The Littlest Hobo… I wouldn’t trade you for the world! You listen when you want, chewed up my Marc Jacobs bag (thank GOD I got it refunded from purchase protection), and hide my shoes when you’re mad at me … yet I think you are perfection! I speak to you in German just because, I created a Facebook just for you, and you are the reason I support German Shepherd Rescues. I simply can’t imagine life without you. Ironically, I did not want another dog after Benjie died at 16. The thought of going through loss again was unimaginable but you arrived as a Valentine’s Day gift. The best Valentine ever! My life has changed because of you. When you were a puppy, I didn’t take long trips because you have separation anxiety, and I won’t date men you don’t like–but ultimately my life is better with you in it!


Dein Mutter

Breed: German Shepherd


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