Dear Scrappy Doo,

Scrappy Doo

To my best friend, Scrappy Doo. I miss you every day Mr. Woo, gone from sight but not from my mind. For 16 years you were my companion, my best friend, and you knew ALL my secrets. There were sad days, where your wagging tail cheered me up, and happy days where we would walk together for hours, you would growl & I would talk! You always knew if something was up. Some days, I cant breathe without you, and my heart hurts every day knowing that I’ll never snuggle up with you at night, stroke your fur, or smell those ‘cheesy’ paws. It’s funny how a dog can change your life, and how when they are gone, you feel like something is missing. I hope you are pain free at the bridge, running free–and that you will be there waiting for me when I finally meet my maker. Scrappy Doo, you are one in a million and I will never forget you. I miss you every day xx

Breed: Border Collie


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