Dear Penny,

You are the last Female I have fallen in love with. My greatest wish is to spend eternity with you and the Female I fell in love with before you. When I searched to adopt you, your adoptive mother and I looked long and far for over a year to find you–and as miracles would have it, in the end you chose us. You see, you had 5 brothers and sisters. Once we had a chance to meet your mother, Sweetwater Lucy, we knew we had to pick one of you to take home with us. We were supposed to make a choice between you and your siblings, but as it turned out, you decided that we were meant for you. As we looked at all of you and tried to decide which one to pick, you just sauntered up to us and we knew you were the one. Your legal name is Glen Highland Pinder Penny. You are a Chocolate Labrador Retriever and I know you as ‘Penny.’

It wasn’t always easy in the beginning. Amongst other things, you ate shoes and siding off the house, peed and pooped on the floors in the house, and basically made life miserable for us both. At the time I thought, “what have I done? Maybe this was a mistake!” Fortunately when I scolded and disciplined you in a manner that would have angered anyone else, you responded positively. Reflection on those early days makes me understand how much love you had to give and share.

Thank you for making the choice you did, as I have never been as much in love as I am with you. Even though you can’t speak out the way we humans do, your actions tell me that you are just as much in love with me. At times it is the wag of your ‘happy tail,’ sometimes it’s the way you greet me when I’ve been away from you, and other times it’s the way you rest your head in my lap and let me gently stroke your fur. Sometimes it’s when you bring me a toy you want us to play with, like that Squeaky Goose. Other times it’s when you roll on your back to have your belly scratched or the wonderful occasions when you crawl up in the bed and sleep with me. You can sense when I’m sad, and in your own way, you comfort me.

You have been with me for 7 short years now. We are both in the autumn of our lives. My hair is turning white as is the area under your chin. I’m not as quick in my actions as I was when I met you, but then again, neither are you. I can’t throw that tennis ball you love to fetch as far or for as long as I used to but you can’t fetch it as many times or as quickly as you used to. We are growing old together by the calendar, Penny. Father time may change the way we look and act, he may even one day physically separate us by sending one of us home to our creator, but he will never be able to separate our hearts, minds and souls. My life has been enriched immeasurably for knowing and having felt your love. Thank you for all you’ve done for me.

Breed: Chocolate Labrador Retriever


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