Dear Jude,

I am so glad that you came to me in your time of need. You chose me out of hundreds of other people and decided I was the one you needed to mend your broken heart.

The first time I saw you, I saw beyond the red fur stained with dirt. I saw past those scared and anxious eyes and saw directly into your soul. Everyone had an opinion about you. Even though I was not yet your owner, it was me who always stood up for you. I saw something beyond what everyone else saw. You were a neglected victim of abuse. You had no one to care for you, and you barely got a meal everyday. That changed the night we met, in the pouring rain. I was out on a walk around the campus farm, and happened to walk by your kennel. You came out of your kennel to see me–a worried expression on your beautiful face. I was drawn to you. We sat there that night at the entrance to your kennel until 2 in the morning. I told you all of my worries and you listened attentively, nuzzling my chin if I stopped talking. After that night, I took you on a walk every evening and fed you. A few weeks later you were mine–you had my heart and I know you gave me yours.

I love how after everything you have gone though, at 5am every morning you’re sitting up in your kennel, waiting to greet me before milking with your goofy smile and perked up ears. I love how no matter how upset or angry I am, you can always cheer me up with your slobbery kisses and cuddles. I love how you always want to play, and how you jump in any source of water and flick it up with your nose to wet your back. How boring would a walk along the river be if I didn’t have my fluffy red bear disappear for a few minutes before racing to catch up, looking like a drowned rat after you underestimated how deep the water would be. I find it cute that when I bring you inside, you race to my room just to stare at yourself in the mirror where you stay for hours–just socializing with your reflection. I find it sad that when I first got you, you stayed away from everyone and seemed so scared at the idea of something new–tail between your legs all day–but I love how now you’re the life of the party, your fluffy red tail wagging madly whenever you meet someone new. Your amazing personality makes me look forward to seeing you everyday and I wish I could spend every second of the day with you, running around and helping you into water troughs on the farm when you show me you want to swim.

Since we met, we have both helped each other. I barely see that worried look on your face now. All I see is one happy, loved soul. I tell you everything. Throughout my ups and downs with my bipolar, your love and attention has gotten me though. I don’t know what I would do without you Jude.

You’re more than my best friend. You’re a part of me.

I love you Jude.

Breed: Beardie Huntaway Cross

Posted by Nikki Lee McGrail


  1. Sandy Swopes says:

    Lovely. Just lovely.

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