Dear Joesie,

THANK YOU for bringing so much joy into our house! From wagging that tail vigorously whenever you see us, to licking our faces every time you jump in our laps, we can’t help but feel the unconditional love and happiness you exuberate! When we have had a bad day, it doesn’t matter to you. You always jump on our laps and just lick away and smile at our faces! For that short time, those little “love licks” wipe all the bad away! We love the way you stop everything and run to the door and will so hilariously turn circles in front of our legs while thump, thump, thumping that tail so lively! You have taught our daughter how to care for something gently and kindly (Even when she forgets that and drags you by the tail, you don’t ever seem to mind!). You have taught me how to not always wear my emotions on my sleeve and regardless of my feelings in the moment, cheer up and try to look for the good in every situation. You have taught my husband how to be even more loving in new ways through touch and cuddle, and that sometimes, “laying back” and “chilling out” is the better road to take. Before you came into our house, our lives were pretty beat down and quite stressful at times. Now, when anyone in our house needs a good “cheer me up” or is feeling the need to be extra loved, we have a way to meet those needs….our little “Joesie-Rosie!”

Amy, Rob, and Faithie

Breed: Dachshund


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