Dear Ellie,

As I write this, you are currently cuddled in my side under the blanket–as you are every night.

My love for you grows every day. As you’re only a year and a half old, I can not imagine how much love for you I’ll have by the end of your life.
I love your personality. I love your playfulness.

I get concerned about how timid you are. I want you to be brave, I’ll never let anything hurt you. I know the vet is scary and bad things seem to happen there, but they’re all really for your own good- I promise!

And while your vulnerability concerns me, I adore how you turn to me for comfort and protection. You’ll cuddle right into me in the auto car wash, and you’ll sit in-between my legs at the vet. You know I love you.

I love your friendliness. You constantly want people’s attention and to give them a cuddle. Sometimes I’m a little embarrassed by your blatant, literal crying for attention, and your trying to embrace people by standing up to cuddle them. However, this often brings so much joy to them.

You’re mummy’s super star and I love you so much. I worry about how I’m going to cope without you, but hopefully we have plenty more years together which I intend to enjoy and hope you enjoy too!
Love you pretty girl!

Breed: Mini Schnauzer


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