Dear Darius,


Please, please, please be yourself already? Be okay for me please?

You have been my best friend for the past 3 months you have been with me. You have made me very happy even when C.J. left me. You are a pain in the ass, but you are the life of the house. You make everyone happy. You play with every one even if you don’t know them. You chew on every thing you see. You destroyed my slippers, but I love you anyways.

You slept beside me when C.J. left me a month ago. You are always demanding attention from everyone. You got mad at me when I went to sleep at my cousin’s place because you didn’t have anyone to be with. You were locked in my room. When I got home, you didn’t want to sleep beside me anymore. :( I’m sorry.

I would do anything for you my baby boy. Please be okay? Please survive. Please, please, please? You’ll be okay. I know you will.

We were at the vet today. and a girl brought in her dog and was crying because she didn’t know if her dog would survive. But I know you will my little man. You will, right?

I love you. Everyone here at home loves you.

Breed: Shih Tzu

Posted by Stephanie


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