Dear Buddy,


Oh my beloved Buddy, it has been 8 months now and I still live with a deep ache in my heart where there lies and unfilled vacancy. People tell me I should get another dog but I don’t think I could ever love another furbaby like I did you. I cry every time I think of you and I think of you every day. I pray the day will come when I can remember all our happy times without crying. Oh we had some happy times too.

How you loved riding in the truck with dad until you just couldn’t get up there anymore. Then there were those wonderful trips in the motor home. You got to watch the shoot-out in Tombstone with us. You got to see Old Faithful Blow with us. I miss how you would insist on sitting in my lap up in the front seat. You had no idea you were almost as big as me. You thought you were still that pudgy little yellow bundle of fur with that sweet smelling breath that I fell in love with the moment I laid eyes on you. People would stop and take pictures of you sitting in the drivers seat while we were getting gas. You were big enough to drive the darn thing after all. Most of all, you loved going to the lake at the property up North. I loved how you would jump up and shoot out after a squirrel or rabbit only to realize it was in vain and come back acting like you really didn’t want to catch the dumb old thing anyways. Then you would run and jump in the lake and swim to your heart’s content. It made me so happy to see you get to do the things a dog loves to do. But the best part of those trips was when we curled up for the night in the big bed and kept each other warm.

You see why it’s so hard not to cry about the happy times. Then there was the time we stopped to let you out for a potty break and you took off straight up an embankment which we soon discovered was part of the California Aqueduct. Dad was hanging over the side and about to loose you by pulling you out of your collar. I got there just in time to grab your leg and we finally got you out. I got you all dried off and was putting away the towel and you headed straight back to the water. I am absolutely sure that was the fastest I have ever moved. The way you knew and understood me was like there was an Angel by my side always. When I twisted my ankle in the back yard and you ran in the house acting crazy trying to get Dad’s attention. You finally gave up because he just thought you had gone nuts. You came back and stayed right beside me licking my face until the pain subsided and then you let me hang on your back while you dragged me to my feet.

If I was depressed, upset, frightened or around someone you didn’t feel comfortable about you would literally stay beside me, touching my body with yours. Nobody in this world could ever feel more pure and unconditional love. I miss you laying on the floor in front of my chair so I could rub you with my feet. Then those moments when we would put our foreheads together and I would rub your silky soft ears. Those are the moments I will never again experience. You made my life so much more worth living. The,n as your face began to turn white and your legs grew weak, I knew the time was coming. But Buddy, I never dreamed you would have to go in such a horrible way and I am so sorry. I will never take Zeke or Precious to that hospital. I promise you. Now you’re over the rainbow bridge, playing with Harley, Duffy, and all the other great friends you made at the dog park.Your legs are strong and the color back in your face. No more pain. We will be together again and it will be Heaven because I know there will be wet noses in Heaven. Thank you Buddy for the wonderful memories you left with us in the short time you were with us. There will always be an unfilled vacancy in my heart

Breed: Yellow Labrador


  1. Doggy Mom says:

    Dear Peggy,
    I came across your letter to Buddy as I was researching the book, A Letter to My Dog”. I am so sorry for your loss! Buddy was a wonderful dog who left you with many happy memories. I love your stories about him!
    I, too, have experienced the grief you describe. I lost my Dobie, Baron, just before his 10th birthday. He was diagnosed with terminal heart disease and passed 10 months later. I had just broken up with his co-owner, (my boyfriend), so Baron was my world! I waited nine years before getting another Doberman. I can’t explain it, but I was unable to talk about losing Baron without crying, until I had Sadie beside me.
    She will be eleven next month. Typically, they are not a long-lived breed. Every day past the age of ten is a blessing. I will miss her and I wonder how long it will be before I can tell the story of her loss without tears?

  2. Harleys Dad says:

    You sure do have a beautiful dog, I read this and it upset me so much because i understand you and what you are going through. Do not worry he is still beside you and will be until the end. His soul will always guard you and he is now looking over you playing with his doggie friends. I found it funny to see he made a friend called Harley, because that is my dogs name too. R.I.P BUDDY <3

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