Dear Bingo,

You know, Cooper and I were very comfortable before you came along. We were nicely set in our ways and had our own routine. I could sleep in and he would not leave his bed until my feet hit the floor.

Cooper didn’t like to be held like you do, even though he’s been known to jump in my arms on a couple occasions of fear. He used to like to lay in the shade outdoors all afternoon and watch the birds. And he had the best doggie manners of any dog I’ve ever met before we brought you home.

Because of you, Cooper became protective over his neglected doghouse–often refusing to come inside at all for days. He began to sit in my lap as you would draw near; and he became a runner again, chasing tennis balls and blue lobsters stuffed with polyester and rope. He sprinted after you just for the hell of it, which turned the couch-potato dog into a mastermind that tried to screw with your head all the time about your toys.

As for me, I had forgotten what it was like to hold someone/something close, especially at a time when I cried over everything but spilt milk. Getting you to settle down EARLY in your bed at night helped me rest and rise early; and kept me on schedule with a 2:00 pm rest time and 2 very distinct feeding times.

You like to be silly and play games. As you learned “drop it,” Cooper appreciated the treats you both shared as a reward. You are a “scruffy” dog but that doesn’t mean you are not smart. You are the smartest dog I have ever known. You notice birds in the sky and the ceiling fan. You know I’m pissed when I cuss, and you move by Cooper. You follow me everywhere and are waiting for me when I open the shower curtain to dry off (you no longer get shoes out of the closet).

You run fast through the house to show off, and Cooper and I always share a glance wondering what’s up with you as you pass through the coffee table. You squeak that damn beaver over and over again, and we let you even when I’m on the phone.

You have so much personality. I smile just thinking of you, and I know Cooper likes you in three ways: his tail wags as he acts like he’s attacking you, he waits to eat until you start eating (and visa versa if you are fed first), and he lets you have the ball even though he growls when you approach and pretends he’s not interested.

Thank you for letting me hold you so close. Thank you for being a studio dog and a head turner when I ask you a question. Thank you for sitting on my feet when you’re leary of strangers or of being in the front yard. Thank you for being all about joy and childlike enthusiasm. Thank you for loving me and Cooper. I never thought I could love another dog like I love him, but that all changed when you found us.

Breed: Scruffy Terrier


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