Dear Bandit,


Hey there my sweet little boy. I remember the day I first met you. You were the cutest thing, stumbling about with your puppy paws that were too big for your little fluffy body–the only boy left in a litter of 4–and I knew God had saved you for me. It was love at first sight. On the drive home you started whimpering because it was the first time you’d ever been away from your momma and siblings. I felt awful, but then you snuggled your little wet nose into my arms, and I knew from that moment, I was your mom. I’d grown up with dogs, but you were the first to be entirely mine. You became my best friend. I remember waking up in the middle of the night just to make sure you were okay. I moved slowly around the bed, because you looked so peaceful that I just couldn’t wake you up. I watched you grow from a shy puppy to the crazy boy I see today, running around as if your tail was on fire, mouth wide open as if you’re smiling & saying “come chase me mommy!” Every day I wake up to the sound of your tags ringing like little bells as you shake yourself awake, and I hear clicks on the floor everywhere I go because you are always there, my little shadow, my little velcro dog. I never imagined feeling this way about a dog, and I value you more than anything in this world. You are my family, you are my precious baby boy, and I love you. Even when you chew up my socks or scratch up my legs while jumping on me, I still love you my crazy pup. No matter what, you’ll be my best friend forever and ever.

Breed: Queensland Heeler


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