Dear Tiamat,


It was one month ago today, when I sent you on your way
To this Rainbow bridge I heard about, but all I feel is grey.
The favorite spots we shared, the porch, the couch, our bed,
Miss the warmth and comfort of your presence, where you always laid your head.
My eyes still linger, when I leave a room, hoping you’d appear.
My hands still reach for you, when I know you won’t be near.
I found your favorite sweater, and held it to my face,
It smelled like you, and bears your fur for me to keep, embrace.
I hope there’s someone there, who knows about your rules.
They should always have a blanket, to set aside for you.
Give hour long massages, More W-A-L-Kays,
Less B-A-T-H-es, with unlimited Sun-days.
Tricks require snacks and kisses are never free.
Don’t sing for just anyone, unless that one is me.
When it’s time for us to meet again, we’ll sing and bark and play.
Please know I love you dearly, and will miss you every day.

Breed: Italian Greyhound


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