Dear Shatzy,

It’s only been 35 days since I sang you “your” song for the last time as the vet gave you that shot that allowed you to go to the rainbow bridge.

You were my greatest joy and my greatest love. From the day you came home with me when you were just a pup, until that final day that I said goodbye to you, my life had been truly blessed. You gave me so much and I could never repay you for everything you gave me–even if I had an eternity to return the favor.

Countless moments of feeling like I was dearly loved and cherished just for being me. The seemingly endless days of playful energy enjoying the fun of being alive.

Then the years slipped away and you were struck by a rare illness that took away your sight. You kept joyfully living for me for 2 more years until kidney failure came up so suddenly THAT I barely had time to catch my breath before it was time to say goodbye.

I had so many cherished experiences with you that could never be truly expressed through mere words. I will be forever grateful that I was the lucky person to share life on earth with you. The most precious gift from heaven is exactly what you were.

I look forward to the day it is my turn to go to the rainbow bridge myself, and when I do I will be running there just so I don’t have to spend one more moment without you, my beautiful boy. I love you with all my heart!

From Mom

Breed: Pomeranian/American Eskimo


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