Dear Red,

RedOh gosh- where do I begin? I met you when I started seeing your daddy. Having a girl around your bachelor pad took some getting used to, I know it, but you must have fancied me because you let me have your spot on the bed and you even smooched over on the couch for me. They told me how you had been forced from hotel-to-hotel with bad people and were starved at times, but now I couldn’t even imagine you looking sickly. In the years to follow, we became best friends. Even when daddy left for work for months at a time, I knew I had nothing to fear with my Bubba by my side.  I’ll always remember those nights you just wanted to cuddle–climbing up from the foot of the bed and sliding right between us, my little teddy bear. I’ll also remember the night I needed you and we would lay on the hammock under the stars. You always made me feel better even if you just listened to me cry. Now you’re getting old–I can see it in your eyes and the way you move. But for right now you’re still our Red, and I hope you know your daddy and I cherish all the time we have with you. You know us like the back of your paws and vice versa. Love you, Red. You never cease to amaze me. You’re the first dog who ever said hello back to me when I greeted you , or that smiling on command thing you do OMG! Just saying I love you Red, my little fuzzy butt!


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