Dear Raggan,


Anticipating your arrival was what kept me moving through the sickness, a tough semester of school, and the long winter that awaited ahead. When I put my name down to pick the first puppy out of your litter and received pictures of you and your siblings once you were born, it took no more than half a second to call you mine.

I visited you once you were old enough and felt an instant connection between us and your permanent, grumpy scowl. The most cruel and unusual punishment I’ve ever encountered was having to wait 9 weeks until you were ready to come home with me. Right after the New Year (2013), I drove two hours south and nearly cried when the breeder opened the gate and you jumped right into my arms, not squirming once until we got home.

Raggan, you are my savior, the guardian angle that God blessed me with to help me push forward even in the midst of anxiety and sickness. There isn’t a person I know who can make me giggle like I’m a little girl again–no one like you can Raggan. Every single day there’s a smile on my face and it’s because of your presence. Yesterday you even caught a bird, and despite the fact that I screamed, I’d never been so proud of my baby boy.
Raggan, you are my best friend, the love of my life, my security blanket when I just can’t handle it anymore. God had me in mind when he made you.

Love is an understatement,


Breed: Miniature Goldendoodle


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