Dear Paco,

I wished for a dog that would come into my life, who needed me just as much as I needed him/her–and that week, poof there you were. My uncle called that day and told me that someone left behind a malnourished, 4lb Chihuahua who had mange at the airport. Nobody wanted him and he was several hours away from where I lived. Without hesitation, I took my mom and off we went to get you and give you all the love, food, medicine and care you so deserved. We had no idea of what you looked like, if you were male or female–but it was love at first sight. My sons were so thrilled when they met you that afternoon, and you became their “fur brother.” Now, 8 years later, you are the picture of health and well being, thriving with your best pal and canine brother Buddy, and your cat brother Fuzzy. I love you with every part of my heart & soul and thank you for finding me.

Breed: Chihuahua


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