Dear Corey,

It has been a long and hard five months since you left me for the rainbow bridge. I have so much guilt and regrets since your tragic death. You choked to death on the meats I fed you. I woke you up and fed you the meats my friend gave me the night before. I wish I could calm myself down when I saw you collapsed on the floor. I am so sorry I couldn’t save you at the end.

I felt part of me also died that horrible night. I had you since you were a puppy, and we had 11 long years together. We developed separation anxiety from each other in the recent years. You were always very healthy. I thought we would be together for many more years to come. It was the worst five months I have ever been through since you were gone. You were with me through so many ups and downs in my life. You always made me happy when we were together. I miss your happy face so much. There are still places I wish I could take you. I hope you are safe and happy, and my heart is forever with you.

Breed: English Bulldog


  1. Evltwyn says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I understand the feeling of guilt. Mine died of kidney failure at only 8 years old and I never knew if it was something we had fed her. I’m sure Corey knows as my Tia knows how much we love and miss them.

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