Dear Buddy,

When my son was turning 16, he wanted you as his birthday present…little did I know then that you would be a present to all of us. You have a heart of gold–my gentle giant, my marshmallow. You will be turning 5 in August and we all want to slow down time. We can’t think of life without you in it. You have been so good to your chihuahua and cat brother. You are 100lbs of pure LOVE! Thank you for coming into our lives, making us laugh daily with your antics & unconditional love and affection. Now that my sons will be away at college, you will keep me going. When I had my kidney surgery, you laid right beside me while I recovered and kept me company. I owe you so much. I hope by cooking for you and making you dehydrated treats, you feel the love I have for you. You’re my furbaby and I will be forever grateful for my son’s birthday gift named Buddy. xoxo

Breed: Labrador Retriever


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