Dear Billy,

It was only a day after me, your daddy and your little big sister, Piper, the Great Dane, came back to the RSPCA to find a new sibling for her. Daddy went and had a look and chose 2 dogs. The first was a German shepherd who didn’t like Piper, and when we tried the second dog, Piper didn’t like him. I said I would have a quick look– and the moment I saw you, I knew.

You looked like my childhood dog and best friend, Ginger, who like you, was a Collie cross breed. I told the lady I wanted to try you out. She brought you out, and you and Piper were the instant best of friends.

When we brought you home, you were scared of the toys and raised voices. When I looked at you closer, I saw the scars. I called the shelter back to ask about a background check on you–and that’s when my suspicions were true. You were abused and beaten to an inch of your life and almost on death row.

You didn’t know how to be a dog, and my suspicions kept growing true when I first heard you play with Piper and the jaw snap you had when you were playing. I got you checked by the vet, and they confirmed a broken jaw about 4 times.

For a whole year you were in a home that could have hurt you and I don’t understand how anyone could be so cruel to a pup like you. I’m glad I had Piper to help you out and show you how to be a dog, though she’s more human than dog. I’m glad I picked you. Your eyes are wonderful–though I wasn’t too pleased when you peed all over my shoes and carpet and ate your collar. Even now, you’re still learning how to be a playful dog.

I love you lots little boy, and I know you love the hugs and kisses. When daddy has all his mates from his Army job in and you hang around hiding behind my legs, you remind me of Churchill, the uncle you’ll never get to meet but will always hear about.

You and Piper both are my entire world and I can’t wait to come home tonight, give you both a giant hug and be up at 5am in the morning to walk you both.

Lots of love always–my pups, my kids, my everything.

Love mama

Breed: Collie X


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