Trend Alert: Glitter Tattoos for Dogs


The latest fashion trend straight out of New York City? It’s not sky-high heels or even skinnier jeans… it’s glitter tattoos for dogs!

Upper East Siders are going gaga to glam up their pooches, and the go-to guy is celebrity dog groomer Jorge Bendersky. According to the article on DNAinfo:

To “tattoo” a dog, Bendersky and other groomers typically start off by filling in a stencil with canine-safe glue. Next, they add dog-friendly glitter and, sometimes, pre-packed designs with rhinestones.

These designs, which cost approximately $100, are most often placed on dogs’ hips or tailbone, making the placement analogous to a lower back tattoo on a person.

“It’s all about the tramp stamp,” Bendersky said.

Would you pay $100 to glitter-tat your pup?




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