Dear Sadie,


I knew the minute I adopted you that you were meant to be part of our family. Your expressive hazel eyes, big floppy ears and tender nature melted my heart. When introduced to my son (your brother) I was astounded by the connection you had. It makes me smile every time I see you with him–your excitement and constant attention. It’s amazing.

Your quirkiness makes me laugh daily. You think you’re a small kitten when you sit on my lap (even though you are 45 pounds). You then shift like a human and sit on your bottom, resting one arm on the recliner armrest–priceless!

I love that you take in the world on our daily walks by sniffing everything you can. When I fell in a hole and fractured my ankle, you decided not to follow your nose and stayed by my side until help came. Thank you for that.

I can honestly say, Sadie, that I love you more now than on the day you first became a part of our family.

You are loved.

Breed: Lemon Beagle

Posted by Julie Brown


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