Dear Roofus Lamar,

Roofus Lamar
If we are honest, I didn’t know the first thing about dogs due to the fact that I was always a cat person. But when I walked into Petco that day and saw you – all head and paws – I couldn’t leave you behind. You had the sweetest face and you came right to me.

When the divorce happened, you were all I had. You sat with me and I really think you cried too. You gave me strength. When he said he wanted to keep you, my only words were ‘you are not taking my son!’ I meant that and he realized it. The miracle was that you came and sat only foot at just that moment as if you were saying I’m not leaving my mom. Thank you son. Together we got through the move and now here we are on the other side. I couldn’t have made it without you. I truly believe your hugs made the difference.

You give me joy, you give me strength, you give me a reason to keep going when I doubt myself. You are just amazing (everone says so). With you, Roo Roo, I can face anything. I can only hope that you have the same faith in me that I will always be there…where I go, you go, and if you can’t go, then neither do I. We are a team…

Love Mommy
Breed: Lab/Pointer


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