Dear Pixel,


The first day I saw you, I was torn, knowing that I could only bring home one dog. Sadly, that day, I chose your sister, Tahnee, and had to leave you behind. I remember walking away hoping that you would find your forever home. I left there and called my friends, posted pics on Facebook and told everyone I knew that you were waiting for a home. I was hoping someone that I knew would adopt you so that I could still see you and you could visit your sister.

Three weeks after leaving you behind, I had some extra food that I wasn’t going to use so I called Bob to see if he still had puppies there who would eat the food. When I called, he told me that you were still there and that someone was coming to see you and take you home that night. I had a pit in my stomach hearing that you were possibly going to be adopted. I was happy but the pit was because I knew you were meant to be mine and back with your sister. Bob felt the same and cancelled the appointment with the other family and I came that night to see you and bring you to your forever home with me and you sister.

I remember you coming in the door and after 3 weeks, you and your sister reunited and haven’t parted since!

You have brought so much joy to my life and filled a void I didn’t think could ever be filled. After losing my dad, partner, and other dog in the divorce, I thought it would take forever for my heart to heal. You have helped my heart to heal and have made your sister happy to have someone to play with all the time. She’ll never leave your side and neither will I!

Breed: MaltiPom


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