Dear Pebbles,

To the best little friend in my life…thanks so much for putting a smile on my face everyday. For kissing (licking) my tears away on the hard days! For teaching me so much about you & myself in the process. For being there & loving me unconditionally even when I’m not feeling very lovable!

I am so glad that I was determined enough to learn & to train you to be my personal service dog, even when everyone thought I was off my rocker! Second to my children, you are the greatest accomplishment of my life! Working with you brings me through days that I don’t even feel like I can get out of bed! But you don’t take “no” for an answer. You help me tackle things that MS has made a challenge for me. You bring me what I need to get dressed. You’re there to pick up whatever I drop & there to find whatever I lose. Who knows how or where you found my glasses (just glad you did).

When I fall or have a seizure, you are there in a flash with my phone to call for help. The list of what you know continues to grow.

You are always there for me, so now it is time to share your special gift with others that need our help, my Friend.

Therapy work is our next step…so many wrinkle covered faces & hands to kiss. So many sad little faces to light up! We have a few little obstacles to overcome, but we can do it together, girl! You’re better than any pill I have ever been prescribed

Breed: Chihuahua


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