Dear Bruno,


I sit and think… Almost a decade ago, I was 22 years old the day I brought you home,  and you were only 13 weeks. Moving in just a week earlier to my first place, I was sure I was ready and mature enough to take on the responsibility of raising a puppy on my own. Boy, was I wrong. I was young and naive, and you were young and fearless. I thought I knew it all, yet you showed me I had so much more to learn. I thought I was patient, you showed me patience takes time. I thought I could juggle it all, you showed me how quickly I could drop the ball.

Over the years…Together we grew, you guided me, strengthened me, at times you even tested me. You taught me how to forgive, how to forget, and how to let go. I could always buy a new pair of shoes, a new pillow, a new rug or whatever else you decided to chew– but I could never replace the love that I had for you.

You stuck by my side through the good times and bad, through the ups and downs. You were there to comfort me, make me laugh, and put a smile not only on my face but in my heart.

The endless energy you had never ceased to amaze me. Through all the trials and tribulations, the cancer, the surgeries, the radiation, the arthritis…your spirit and strength continued on.

You loved life and lived it to its fullest.

The house is now empty, the back yard is quiet, my heart is aching… 19 days… It’s only been 19 days since I had to say my final goodbye. It feels like forever. Letting you go was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but the look in your eyes told me it was your time. Thank you for the kisses goodbye, they meant the world to me. So weakened, you picked your head up one last time to let me know it was going to be ok.

I can never say thank you enough for all that you have given me. I will never forget you, Little Man. I hope to see you again one day, but until then, I wish you nothing but happiness, sunny days, unexplored fields, and lots of STEAK!!!

I love you Bruno, forever and always.

Breed: Boston Terrier


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