Dear Breyer,

Where would I even begin to say how much you mean to me? From the very first moment we found you at the shelter, you were part of our family. You immediately helped our middle daughter deal with her fear of all dogs. You helped all three girls learn about responsibility.
Despite your unknown past and the issues that came with it, we were determined that we would help erase those bad memories and replace them with wonderful new ones. You were so malnourished and only half your weight. We knew you needed a safe place, a home, a forever family. You bring so much fun and entertainment to our lives. You were the most stubborn dog I’ve ever known, but once you learned one trick there was no stopping you. I especially love when you talk like Chewbacca–it always cracks me up. I love you to the core of my being . You give such amazing love. Even if I am gone for 2 minutes, you are so excited to see me every single time I return. From your bad hair days to your bath time ritual, you fill my life with joy. The times where we sit in the chair and you sleep on my legs, and going for drives in the car are some of the best times. I wish everyone could see how you interact with us. I am thankful every day that you are in our lives. Thanks, B, for coming into our lives. You have enriched them, filled them and made them so much better.

Breed: Portuguese Podango


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