Dear Brett,

I want you to know how much I miss you. I’m sorry that things didn’t work out with your Mom and me. You certainly saw your share of arguments. I wonder daily if I will ever see you again.

I know your hip is worsening and of course you’re getting older, boy. I hope your Mom doesn’t keep me from saying goodbye when the time nears. I will never forget the times we laid down together and we looked each other in the eye and I told you how special you were and that you were “the best boy.” How bout helping you up on the bed to go mimis? You’re so fat and the best sleeper.

I have so many awesome memories together with you. Remember the silly birthday hat you wore for one of my birthdays? Swimming in the ocean? You probably don’t know that we all teared up when we saw “Marley and Me” as we all saw you in that movie. I look at pictures of you every day. I know I could walk through that door tomorrow and we could pick up where we left off.

I love you and I know you love me. Never forget that you ARE the “best boy.”


Breed: Labrador


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