Dear Bailey,


It is coming up to a year since that fateful day in June when you ran away. I left you for the first time in the care of someone, and never in a million years did I think it would be the last time I would ever see you. My heart breaks on a daily basis and I find myself still searching frantically for you.

Those 3 1/2 years we had together were so wonderful. I know I will have the memories forever. I miss everything about you, from the way you shook your toys at your dish before you would eat to the way you wiggled your bum before you popped–and everything in between. Your toys are still in your favorite place as are your beds. The love I have for you cannot be put into words. You were my best friend and you will be in my heart until the end of time.  Please know that although I will probably have many more pets in this lifetime, they will not replace you. I am so grateful you were my dog and thankful for the short time we had. The tears will stop or so they say, but the memories will never fade.

Breed: Toy Poodle


  1. Mary McCulley says:

    Losing my dog like this would break my heart too. Do you mind sharing how it happened? I’m always nervous when I leave my dog with others. Was she microchipped? She’s so cute…hopefully she is being cared for by someone. I hope you find her.

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