An Interview with Our #DogMommy Contest Winner!



When Michelle brought her Chihuahua home almost nine years ago, it was a match made in TV history… sort of. She named the little guy after Karen’s dog on Will & Grace.

“I thought it was the cutest thing. I said if I ever had a dog, I would name it Chompers.”

Well, Chompers might as well be named “Miracle.” The only surviving member of his litter at birth, he’s overcome the odds time and again. Despite being diagnosed with mitral heart disease two years ago, “he makes it through everything,” Michelle says. “He’s a little trooper.”

And that’s reason to celebrate. “We do something fun every day,” she explains. “We throw little parties.” Mommy Michelle makes sure Chompers gets in at least one of his his favorite things every day: a frozen yogurt treat, a visit with Aunt Jenn, a car ride, or a play date with his favorite toy, “Baby Bear.”

According to this devoted animal lover, it’s the very least she can do for a dog that’s given her so much in return. Michelle is now working to start a non-profit to help rescue dogs and shelters. “He really opened my heart,” she says. “It’s just really changed my life to have him. He’s just the best dog ever. Chompers made me a better person.”

So what’s in store for this Dog Mommy’s Mother’s Day? Rumor has it that her whole animal family (Chihuahuas Boom Boom and Lulu, Kitty the cat, parakeet Tinkerbelle and Riley the cockatoo) and her husband have a grand surprise in store for her.

“They all pitched in and got me something really fabulous.”

You better believe we’ll be checking back in with Michelle to find out what it is!

Congratulations to our very deserving winner, and Happy Mother’s Day to all the Dog Mommies out there!



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