6 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day

We know… EVERY day in your home feels like National Pet Day. But today, April 11th, actually is! Find out all about how the holiday came to be here, and then take some time out of your day to spoil the four-legged friend in your life.

Here are 5 ways to celebrate:

1. Adopt a shelter animal. There are so many animals out there just waiting to be someone’s special pet!

2. Help out at a shelter, either by donation or your time or other resources.

3. Pamper Fido at the groomer’s today and get your pooch “The Works.” Bow-WOW!

4. Go for an extra-long walk.

5. Give your dog a special treat: a new toy, a new bone, or a tasty snack (just don’t overindulge!)

6. Write a letter to your dog and submit it here!


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