How to Get Your Dog to Go in the Rain

April showers bring May flowers… but those spring rains might also discourage your dog from heading out into the elements when he’s gotta go. Here are some great rainy day tips from

  1. If the weather is dangerous (strong gusting winds, hail, lightning), keep your dog inside. You don’t want your dog to be swept away, hit by flying debris, hail or lightning or encounter a downed power line. You need an indoor dog potty, pee pads, a potty patch or some other indoor potty solution. Remember, just because your dog has one, you still have to teach your dog how to use it. Also, keep pee pee pads with your emergency items so they are readily available in case you need to evacuate. You don’t know where you and your pets may end up if you are evacuated, but you can be sure that he will need an indoor potty.
  2. Train your dog to go outside to pee or poop in all kinds of weather starting as a puppy. Teach your dog a “go potty” command word or phrase.
  3. If your dog refuses to go outside, go outside with your dog. Sometimes holding an umbrella over your dog while your dog pees or poops will help. If your dog doesn’t do his business right away, don’t give up, wait him out. Sometimes he needs to know how serious you are about him going potty outside rather than inside.
  4. Create an outside area in your yard that has some type of overhead covering. Your dog is more likely to go outside if he knows he will be covered from rain or falling snow while doing his business.
  5. Cover up your pet. Put your dog in a raincoat or rain booties if your dog dislikes getting wet or the snow and icy conditions are too much for him.
  6. Use positive reinforcement. Praise your dog for going outside or give him a treat as a reward.


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