Dear Misa Minnie,

Misa Minnie

You are my little angel on four paws. Thank you so much for bringing me joy and comforting me during the days where times are dark. Even as my vision comes and goes, the softness of your head leaning on my arms reminds me that I am never alone. You are the laughter and joy in this house and even if you never knew a single trick I would love you just as deeply for your cuddles and endearing eyes.

Why you always look at me so quizzically I’ll never truly know. Perhaps you see a part of me that I can’t seem to find in myself. Your loving look and quiet calm, the way you put your paws on my chest as if to tell me that instead of pondering the world I should just focus on the moments now. You bring me that peace that can be so hard to find.

Do you know of the world around you? You seem so fearless for such a small little thing. I swear you think you are a person. You walk so confidently among the crowd, so sure of yourself and so accepting of everyone. If only you knew and understood the people that love you from afar. You bring so much happiness to everyone. I know you’ll be an amazing therapy dog and I am glad that I have chosen to share a piece of you with the world. We need more love around here. We need to be inspired to live like our dogs, to live like you. You are always so willing to give. You should see the things people write to you. I bet you would be so happy to see the good you spread.

I hope every night that you are happy and safe in your bed. I wake up to peek at you and sometimes find you staring right back at me. You are such a little stalker bear. Must you always watch me? That’s supposed to be my job, to watch and take care of you. I just wanted to let you know I love you and thank you for all you do. My sweet little Misa Minnie, my angel on four paws. You will always be in my heart.

Love you always,

Your Human Mommy

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier


  1. Jen Symens says:

    That has to be the SWEETEST thing I have EVER read.

  2. Sabine Tanis says:

    You have the best Mommy, and we love all your tricks that you are learning every week, but the one you do best and have right from the beginning is loving your Mommy and making her so happy <3 :D

  3. Lovely letter, Misa is such a joy. I follow her fb site, and it’s obvious that her mommy is a nourishing, patient and loving mommy.

  4. Very sweet and right from your heart. You have done amazing with her, and she with you. You both are truly Blessed.

  5. Tere Avalos says:

    What a loving letter to a loving angel on 4 paws. You are both lucky to have each other. It is a priviliege to share our lives with angels like Misa Minnie. I am her fan and from afar I feel love for her.

  6. Extremely honest, so full of love, from Da Mama! I think they are also here to take care of us…Misa does her job as well as any well loved fully grown dog. I have 1 yorkie like that & have had special healing therapy cats, & 1 horse like her, that have gotten me
    thru the worst, darkest hrs of my life. We are truly blessed to have them & they us. <3

  7. Marci Miller says:

    Merry Christmas! Tthank you for the joy and laughter you have given me during a very sad time in my life. You are an amazing owner and dog trainer! Blessings to both of you…

  8. Tina Dorenbecker says:

    tears…that letter made us cry <3 yorkies are the best friends a human can ever have <3 <3 <3 thank you Misa and your mom for brightening our days and spreading joy and happiness

  9. Lindatuc says:

    Misa your Mommy is so right. My husband and my best friend had a stroke earlier this year and I must say seeing your face everyday takes some of my sadness away. You truly are a beacon of light little one. I love you and I love your Mommy for sharing you with us all. I could really use some prayers if you have some time. <3

  10. Claire Peralta-Chavez says:

    I CRIED….I LOVE YOU, Misa My Darlin!!! claire

  11. Kim Sauntry says:

    So cute!!

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