Dear Hudson,


My Sweet Hudson: My man, my protector, and my friend. You were the best birthday present I have ever received. You came into our pack and imprinted on me. I can tell from your eyes that I am your world, but really you are mine. You are always there to greet me after a long day. You are always eager for kisses and will wait for me to enter a doorway before you go through. You have the best manners.

You bring laughter to our crazy days. You watch over us and keep us safe. You are an agile hunter, seeking out lizards and bunnies. You have springs in you feet and can leap high walls to see your friends next door. You always pick up your babies and put them away. You know Daddy’s signs and are eager to please him, as well.

You are so tender with your elderly sister, Comet, who is 14 years old and is deaf and blind. You keep her safe from trouble and guide her through life now. She loves you too!

I want you to know that we know you love us too. You are the sun and moon. Our lives would not be complete without you. We enjoy your belly rubs just as much as you do. You are smart, proud, and a loyal friend.

As your golden fur turns white and you move a little slower, just know we will always be there for you. You’re simply the best!

Breed: Golden Retriever


  1. Carol Griess says:

    That brought tears to my eyes. But it is so true, he is my hero also.


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