Dear Fate,

Ever since I laid my eyes on your picture, I knew you were the dog that I one day would like to have. Knowing that the city wanted to put you down, I knew you were the one! That first day I brought you home was one of the greatest memories I will keep close to my heart. You have truly become my furry best friend!

Every day, you put a smile on my face and remind me that eachday is a blessing. You wake me up when I snooze through alarms, you keep me company and you even woke me up when I fainted one day in order to help my sister. For everything that you are and do, I am so thankful. You truly are the heartbeat at my feet! (And yes Fate, the two little paws on my ankle was inspired and represent you; they are your actual paws!)

We have been through it all; happy days and sad days. You give me hope! Just like your name, it explains it all. You truly are my fate; fate to be my dog, the fate you bring to me every day, the fate that I have in my life and the fate I have in love. You sometimes may go in the garbage and do your business on my floor, but I would not change you for the world!

You help me study and keep me focused. You remind me  to sit back and relax so I can take a break when I’m stressed. You may only be two years old, but I have to say, you are an old soul!

Our favorite thing to do together is shop and capture our moments together. I know we do not speak the same language but I know deep inside that you are proud of me, just as I am of you! You make me want to become a better person, and that is the true beauty of friendship!

I got you in 2010, and to me that was when life changed for me. Two major things happened; I got you and I fell in love. You were there to see me everyday and witness it all. 2011 continued to be great and you were always there to cheer me up when I was down. 2012 on the other hand, was when life went downhill. As always, you understood and made mama proud! Here we are, it’s 2013! I have had you since you were born but unfortunately went through the heartbreak that truly broke my heart. However, you remind me every day to keep my faith and that I was in need of change. So here I am now, changing my life for the better by being the best person I can be. I may get upset but you remind me to be positive and apologize for my actions whether it to be my doing or not; you taught me this cause no matter what you do, you always have that innocent face apologizing to me.

In the end, Fate, I have nothing more but to thank you! You are one of the most important things to me. You bring me my faith, and that is what I call one of God’s miracles. You spread your love and joy to everyone we meet. For everything that you are, I love you Fate and I am thrilled to be your owner! This summer, my plan is to strengthen our relationship even more. So here’s to a life filled with laughter, happy days, tears, trips to the mall, getting our daily exercise, but most of all, here is to living life knowing that faith, love and happiness is what matters most!

Love always,

Your human mama owner,

Breed: Maltpin (bischon maltese x mini pinscher)


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