Dear Dusty,


Dusty have you felt all the hugs, kisses and belly rubs sent to you, my big sweet bear/boo boo/lug/smiley face? You left a huge imprint on everyone who met you and everyone’s love and support has been amazing. Many people are so sad to know you have moved on and offering their supporting words to help me through this – I didn’t know how much I’d need it until now.

Everyone will miss seeing your adventures posted, and I will miss sharing new ones. Dusty, you made my life such a joy throughout our seven years together. You rocked San Francisco, Lucky 13, Danny Coyle’s and in Vegas the Brit pub Crown and Anchor. You rocked the Cosmopolitan and owned our desert transition in your debonair Clint Eastwood way. I know doggies don’t last forever and I’m crushed to say goodbye– but I’d rather you beat cancer our way and I’m thankful for the great vets that were a part of your life and at our home to help us through your next journey. Our vets were so impressed by your overall health for a big 13 year old pooch, and I can thank your first owner for taking such great care of you. I am forever grateful you and I found each other when you needed a rescue. Dusty I’m sure you will reconnect with your first owner who passed away and my Uncle Tommy – I spoke to him often about how grateful I was to appreciate dogs and to one day meet you. Until our reunion, you know I’ll always love you Boo Boo.



Breed: German Shepherd/Lab


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