Dear Dakota,


Oh Dakota, my dear loving sweet friend. My eyes are welling up as I think & write you this letter of LOVE. You were just the cutest puppy that curled up in my lap & loved to be pet. That smile was with you then & up to the end.

Now a tear rolls down as I reflect, because you touched my spirit each day with unconditional love. Through our journey we had such wonderful times & quiet moments. Boat trips, walks, playing ball, swimming in the pool or ocean–and the longing looks of love…you were always there. Oh Dakota, that smile always touched me so deeply. As we grew older, we both became ill. We would lay together– in pain,wounded & worn, but always together to comfort each other.

It was a clear cool morning on the day when I could hardly walk & knew in my heart that you were no longer able to. Oh my loving Dakota, 14 years passed by so quickly, and now I picked you up off the floor with all my might…tears in my eyes…a broken soul. It was time to put your pain to rest. I would be left behind to think of you, miss you & cry. Oh my Dakota…a day will surely come when we will once again be together again. Until then my loving friend…until then.

Breed: Golden Retriever


  1. Domsdottir says:

    My heart breaks for you, Roy. I love my golden boy with my whole heart and can hardly bear to think of the day when he will leave me. Like you, I just hope and trust that when that day comes–hopefully a long way off–that my Tommy will hold a place for me until we can be together always. Wishing you peace…

    • roy christofferson says:

      Thank you for the kind words & thoughts. I’m sure Tommy is just a great & loving. Give him an x-tra belly rub & treat today.

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