Dear Daisy,


My sweet little ball of fur – I fell in love with you the first second that I saw you. I love your craziness. I love that you’re so quick to give kisses and share anything you have. I love that you listen–really listen when I talk. I love that you get so excited when we go in the car.

You came into my life when I was so lonely, sad and empty. It had been three years since the love of my life died. There really was no reason to get out of bed ever again or to continue my life for even one more minute. But I saw you and you changed everything. You’re annoying and crazy and wild and sweet and cuddly. You’re full of piss and vinegar, but you’re my sunshine and my joy. I don’t care if you’re spoiled because I’d do anything for you and lay the world at your little feet.

I love you, Daisy Pearl – my little ball of fur and sunshine. I hope you know in some small way how you’ve brought life back into my world.

Always and forever,
Your Mama <3

Breed: Maltipoo


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