Dear Chewy,

Although we were only together for 2 years, I feel like we were together for a decade. You brought me so much joy and constant happiness. You were the most unique and special pet I’ve ever had, and probably ever will have. You were such a good boy, always listening to us. You never ran away, never went to the bathroom in the house. I swear you were a human just trapped in a dog’s body. I loved coming home from school to your kisses and happy tail wags–and I loved waking up to you hogging all the bed. I miss you always being there to cheer me up when I’m sad. I remember going to the cabin every day; you loved it. You loved to fish and to jump in the water, trying to catch your own. You were and still are my best friend–even to this day. I still feel bad that I wasn’t able to save you. I tried so hard, but you were so sick. We tried everything we could, but in the end, you couldn’t fight the sickness anymore. You were so strong, so brave, never showing us how bad you really felt. I miss teaching you tricks, I miss showing everyone at school the cute pictures I took of you. Now, I just keep the pictures to myself, near and dear to my heart. I love looking back on them, at all the great memories we had in those two short years together. You truly will never know how much you mean to me. Although you aren’t physically here with me, I know you’re with me mentally. I love you, Chewy, and I hope you’re having fun in Heaven with dad.

I’ll see you soon, bubba.

Love always,
Your Mama

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier


  1. precious!

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