Dear Brody,

How can I really convey just what the past five years of loving you have added to my life? You have taught me so much more than I could ever teach you. You have shown that people are not always as they seem. You look forceful, daunting, tough and maybe even a bit mean. However, you are sweet, kind, gentle and loving.

I had you to hold when my brother died and when I didn’t think I could ever live with such sadness. In your soft brown eyes, I gained the courage to try. You helped me begin to heal and I gain strength from your love every day.

I am at my most content reading with a book while you are sleeping right next to me. You make me feel safe and protected and that no matter what, you are always in my corner.

Thank you for being the great dog that you are. I hope I am fortunate enough to have many more years of lessons from you. I have so much yet to learn. I love you.

Breed: Doberman Pinscher


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