Dear Bella and Bentley,

I know you two know how much I love you! What you don’t know is just like my human child when he was a baby, I watched him sleep, and I do the same to you too. I love seeing your little bellies going up and down and knowing that you feel safe and happy with us. I wake up in the middle of the night and put a blanket on you both because I think you are cold. You two have made my life complete by sharing your life with me. You know when I am sad and you know when I am happy. Thanks for greeting me everyday at the door, barking and wagging your tails– “yes, Mommy’s home!” Thank you for always letting us know when you are hungry and when you have to go potty, and for kicking the water bowl when it’s empty and you are thirsty. :) You are such smart Yorkies and thanks for the Saturday morning togetherness on the couch, just the three of us. I love it and I love you both so much. You just don’t know the joy I have in my heart for having you with me. My Bella girl and my Bentley boy I will LOVE you forever…. Much LOVE… Mommy

Breed: Yorkies


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