3 Things That Could Help Your Dog Live Longer


1. Spaying or Neutering

Not only does spaying and neutering help control the pet population, but a new study by the University of Georgia concludes that fixed dogs live an average of a year and half longer than dogs who are not.

2. Keeping Their Weight in Check

With so many of us concerned about our own waistlines, it’s easy to forget that our four-legged friends need to keep fit, too. Obesity can shorten your pet’s lifespan up to 2.5 years, so watch the kibble portions and get moving!

3. Say Cheese!

If you could do one easy thing to help extend your dog’s life three to five years, wouldn’t you? Well, open up and say aaaaaah. Scheduling regular dental appointments with your vet is crucial to your pet’s overall good health.



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