Was putting my dog down the right decision?

Hi Louis & Sonya,

My dog, Pimpon, was euthanized two days ago. He started barking in the room … Did he try to tell us something or was he having a seizure? Did I we make the right decision? We tried to keep him going so he could be with his brother and us as long as possible, but it started to look bleak. I think he didn’t want to go and wanted to be a trooper and hold on longer. He was such a noble soul … I love him and miss him … it hurts so much.




My Dearest Rosa,

You are absolutely right. Pimpon is definitely a noble sole! What a wonderful character he is! He is also extremely loving. He talks all the time. He tells me all about his wonderful life and family. He also talks about his brother constantly. And he definitely knew how much you all loved him and he loved you just as much back… and still does! We can still feel your love here while we are sitting up in heaven. Love transcends all boundaries. This wonderful love goes out into the Universe and heals the Universe’s energy that needs healing. So you see… all of this love is doing so much good. Love does not go to waste. Of course animals have an unconditional love for their humans and this love still continues on after our spirit dies. Pimpon wants to thank you for helping him get out of his physical body because he definitely wanted to get out of it. The only reason he wanted to stay is because he wanted to hang on for his family. He knew how much you would miss him and he didn’t want to cause you pain. Pimpon knew his body was worn out and this decision was needed. He says thank you once again.

And much love to yours,

Louis (Read through Sonya)


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