Ode to Maverick

Originally named “Raquet”,
His name suited him well.
As he’d run circles in the yard
Like a bat out of, well…you know.

Friendly and loving,
Always lending a paw,
Sometimes least expected
Right square in the jaw!

Like a fish out of water,
He’d rather be in the pool
One paw at first,
Then “ker-splash!”, like a fool.

Mondays were loud in the house
He’d run and bark amuck,
It was trash day, you see.
Yep, here comes the garbage truck!

Play-fighting with his sister
Was his favorite pastime
And drinking from each other’s water bowls
Was never a crime.

Take him for a walk?
Ha! Not a chance!
See, he’d take you, instead
Despite your firm hand.

Ask him, “Treat?”, “Go goodnight?”, “Boney?”, or “Outside?”
And he’d jump and bark and sing,
Also, “Go for a ride?”

Sleeping at the foot of Kevin’s bed
Was his place at night
Protecting and standing guard
In case the boogie man would fright

He’d prance into a room
With ears flopping as they may
And if he’d kept up,
He just might have flown away!

He was a clumsy little mutt,
But we loved him just the same.
Loving was his way and Maverick was his name.

We will miss you so much
And never will forget
Our little fuzzhead Maverick,
Whom we loved to pet.

Only 3 years young,
You were taken too soon,
But you can fly home now, sweet Maverick
To our Lord who gave us you.


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