Is my dog still enjoying his life, even though he has some pain?

Hi Louis and Sonya,

Thank you for all of the comfort you’re providing to so many people through this site. I hope you will indulge me a few questions. Will Griffin tell us when it’s time to let him go? He still seems to be enjoying life and we want to do everything we possibly can to help him thrive. Does he have DM or are his legs just weak from old age? Will physical therapy and Rimadyl help? We don’t want to put him through unnecessary pain. We are still hopeful that he has more time to chase his ball and be annoyed by Murphy. (Griffin is the black dog, Murphy is brown.)

~ Thanks, Sandra

Dearest Sandra,

You are right! Griffin wants to hang on as long as possible. His legs don’t work like they used to so he gets very annoyed with them and sometimes feels very sorry for himself. Although I can’t make any official recommendations, many of my dog friends tell me that an injection called Adequan relieves their pain and you may want to ask your vet about it. I can tell you that physical therapy can help and I would also try acupuncture.

Griffin tells Murphy constantly that he loves him, but he says Murphy is the most annoying dog in the world and very bossy too. Although, Murphy does has a very good spirit. Sandra, both of your dogs know how much they are loved and say that you kiss them on the head all the time. In fact, they really don’t think they are dogs, they think they are humans. A lot of dogs think that because people treat them so well. I am happy to tell you that Griffin definitely has more time to chase his ball!

Love and Woof Woof!,

Louis (Read through Sonya)


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