Dear Tyson,

The day you came into our life was the best day for Mike and I. We saw your picture on the rescue site and Mike said “That’s our dog.” We met you that weekend and we never looked back. You have your behavior quirks and problems, but I know you mean well and are doing what you feel is right. Know that we will always have your back like you have ours. I also know you will be a leader and an example for your new little sister and show her the way. Thank you for being very sparing with your kisses and only reserving them for me, especially when no one is looking–it’s like our little secret. I want to thank you for changing the course of my life; I had no direction before you. Now I volunteer with the rescue we got you from so I can help more dogs like you find their forever homes. I leave for weekends at a time to volunteer with spay and neuter clinics to help solve the over-population problem. All you know is I come back smelling like hundreds of other dogs. I also will be going to school in the fall to become a Vet tech so I can keep helping animals. You did all of that, Tyson. You opened my heart so wide that I couldn’t help letting all your little buddies in. I do it all because of you–you are everything to me. I look forward to all the many adventures we have yet to experience together.

Love Always and Forever,

Your Momma

Breed: Retriever


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