Dear Spunky,

My Beloved White Shadow, Herald of the Momma, Walking Buddy, Geo-Dog, Protector Fierce, Spunky Dog,

You came into our lives to appease a 10 year old boy’s desire to have a dog. Okay–I admit to have been wanting a dog too, but still… that boy chose you, that boy did his best to take care of and love on you. You, however had different ideas. Although you loved the boy, your soul was drawn elsewhere. Your heart recognized there was someone close by that was going to need you far more than that lovely boy ever would, so you became my white shadow.

From stable days when you would get excited the moment I put my horse shoes on–days spent roaming the desert, chasing jack rabbits (oh what would you have done if you ever actually caught one?) to walking days that started with pained lessons on how to walk on a lead, with Momma pooped after two miles. Onward to days of point-to-point geocaching and walking the entire Pedar’s Way (although cooling our feet in the Northern Sea was a testament to my dog dragging capabilities, you have to admit the sea does have its amusements)… To the now, where I am injured and confined to hobbling recovery and you patiently wait for me to boot up and slowly make my way to the car, (okay, maybe not so patient what with the jumping and smiling and yipping) just for a lonesome run at the dog park. It was heart breaking to watch you get used to a new routine, looking back and then returning when I didn’t follow you out onto the tracks across the heath. But you went because I asked you to, and somehow you learned to like it (maybe a little too much!)

From little boys who were always under foot and ready to play with you, to teenagers who locked themselves away in their rooms and had no interest at all. Into the days when those same boys began looking outward to the horizon, each opening their wings and flying into the big, wide world. You, my beloved shadow have been beside me the entire time. Always happy to see me. Always eager to please. Always ready to climb into my lap when I needed cuddles. Always ready to hit the trail and walk those blues away.

You warm my lap. You warm my heart. You lift my spirits when I realize how quiet my life has become. You are my strength. You are my humble reminder. You are my constant companion (although I really don’t need your help going potty). You show me I can still laugh. You steal food then barf it up again. You close doors behind you. You readily show off every trick in your book (although your “dead dog” could use some work… hopping back up the instant you have rolled over isn’t very dead-like). You bark to let me know there are intruders, and people on the street, and cats in the yard, and birds on the wall, and the postman, and the oil man, and to let me know there is sky. You finish my leftovers, saving Bubba from the extra calories. You never let me skimp on my cardio. You clean my face, clean my wounds, you pet me back. You are the best dog that ever was. You patiently let me humanize you by putting words in your mouth. You put up with my incessant questioning of, ‘what’chu want?.’

Thank you, Spunky, for choosing me. I hadn’t seen it at the time, but I needed you. Thank you for being there. Thank you for being you. Thank you for loving me with all your heart.

You have my solemn promise that I will ALWAYS be here for you.

Loving you with all my heart,

Breed: Blue Heeler, German Shepard cross


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